***The Monitor & Brain for this setup has been discontinued and is no longer available (except for a few on eBay)***

Custom 6.5" LCD Trim for Pioneer AVD-W6000

Fits all 99+ BMW 3 Series (E46) coupe, sedan, wagon, convertible, compact



What you need:

AVD-W6000* + AVM-P8000R (or AVM-P9000R) + CD-30RGB**


Pioneer XM, DVD Player/Changer, XBOX, PS2, Headrest LCDs, ETC.

* AVD-W6010 may be substituted but additional modification is required to make it fit.
** The CD-30RGB cable may also be purchased from pacparts.com
*** The AVD-W6010 already comes with the CD-30RGB







April 2004 Issue

February 2004 Issue

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Video Clip #1 Video Clip #2
Video Clip #3 Video Clip #4
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If you're interested in a Bezel like this one, email me at: srcstc@mybimmer.net.

Note: I fabricate & sell the Bezels only.